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People gather along highway 16, also known as the highway of tears, for the return of 18yearold jessica patricks remains. The lonely 837mile stretch of asphalt slices eastwest through british columbia, winding its. Since 1969, at least 18 women have gone missing or have been murdered along canadas infamous highway 16. In march, i traveled to northern canada to write about the highway of tears, the name locals have given a 450mile stretch of highway 16 that has been stalked by tragedy. The phrase was coined in 1998 during a vigil held in terrace, british columbia for four murdered and two missing women. Roxanne thiara, 15, of quesnel was found dead in august 1994 just off highway 16 near burns lake. This is what canadas broken heart sounds like after n. There are a disproportionately high number of indigenous. For a decade, epana has been investigating the cold case deaths and disappearances of 18 young women along a 720kilometre stretch of highway 16 in northern b. The number 16 was first given to the highway in 1942, and originally, the route that the highway took was more to the. A chilling journey along canadas highway 16 the new. Dozens gather along highway 16 as teens remains brought. Canada s highway 16 is one of the worlds most picturesque roads. Families all along canadas highway 16 a 425mile stretch of road that cuts through pine forests, rivers and remote indigenous reserves in central british.

The fundamental aim of this website is to offer you several helpful advice on taking good care of. Three deaths and disappearance of two teenagers in canada. Indigenous women in canada keep disappearing along the. There are few roads on earth more dramatically breathtaking than canadas highway 16. Highway of tears is a canadian notforprofit online resource for mental health and wellbeing. The highway of tears refers to a 724 km length of yellowhead highway 16 in british columbia where many women mostly indigenous have disappeared or been found murdered. Students film heartbreaking music video about highway of tears. The highway closely follows the path of the northern b. It is an important section of the yellowhead highway, a part of the trans canada highway that runs across western canada. Dozens of women vanish on canadas highway of tears, and. The rcmps epana investigation, dubbed the highway of tears case, involved 18 unsolved murders and disappearances along hwy 16 and two other b. An alberta judge has found a driver not guilty of charges relating to the death of an offduty mountie on a bicycle.

Austin macdougall, an avid cyclist, was on a racing bike along highway 16. Highway of tears featured on cbs 48 hours huffpost canada. Mystery surrounds one of the remotest stretches of highway in canada after nearly 50 women are believed to have gone missing there in the past 30 years. Canadas highway 16 is one of the worlds most picturesque roads. The stretch of road is known as the highway of tears because dozens of women, mostly aboriginal, have been murdered or have disappeared in the area. The highway of tears is part of a larger, national crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. John lehmannthe globe and mail the highway of tears investigation, known as project epana, was started in fall, 2005.

Highway of tears canadian notforprofit online resource. Carrier sekani family services 9874th avenue prince george, bc v2l 3h7. Ramona wilson, 16, of smithers was last seen alive in june 1994 when she was believed to. Highway 16 is a highway in british columbia, canada.

Rcmp say highway of tears killers may never be caught. Highway of tears partial bus service ready to roll the star. The highway of tears is a 725kilometre 450 mi corridor of highway 16 between prince george and prince rupert, british columbia, canada, which has been the location of many murders and disappearances beginning in 1970. There are few roads on earth more dramatically breathtaking than canada s highway 16. Since 1969, over 40 young women have either disappeared or been found dead, their deaths unsolved.

Police in canada are investigating three suspicious deaths and the disappearance of two teenagers which took place within days of each other along a remote canadian highway at. The search for truth on canada s highway of tears michalko, ray on. Serial killer being hunted after forty young women vanish on same remote road in 30 years. Film shines light on forgotten highway of tears women. Highway of tears missing and murdered women 1 19 key to their case was dna found on colleen macmillens blouse when her body was found dumped off a logging road in 1974. The new york times reports that canadas highway 16, also called the highway of tears because of its association with missing indigenous women, is a microcosm of the violence that affects the. You cant help but shudder at the sinister nickname for british columbias provincial autoroute 16, known as the highway of tears, which is both a trucking passage and the winding.

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