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Reaper of prophecy spellbook deck recipe february 20 deck. Dec 31, 2014 yugioh arcanite magician deck profile. This is a powerful card because of summoner monk and the gravekeepers being run as synchro engines and also. This card cannot be special summoned from your extra. Yugioh tcg article top 8 with spellbooks at ycs toronto. What do you think would be a perfect spellcaster deck. May 18, 2009 which is great for arcanite magician and tempest magician. Monsters 3magical exemplar 3breaker, the magical warrior 2endymion, the master magician 2magical marionette 2defender, the magical knight 2the tricky 2frequency magician 2dark resonator 1apprentice magician 1sunny pixie 1flamvell magician spells 3magical citadel of endymion 3magical dimension 1heavy storm 1mystical space typhoon 1lightning vortex 1. Warrior decks were mostly relegated to control status due to a defensive hero power and cheap removal.

You can add 1 spellcastertype monster from your deck to your hand, whose level. A deck based on spell counters generally focuses on using the numerous destruction and burn. Reaper of prophecy spellbook deck recipe february 20. Basically the main strategy revolves around using cards like eternal soul and magicians navigate to summon dark magician as consistently as possible to activate dark magic circles effect and remove cards off the field, while using the rest of his support cards to help adapt to any potential dangers. Cette carte gagne points datk pour chaque compteur magie sur elle. View in online deck builder purchase on tcgplayer text view ydke clear the field with daedalus and nephthys, otk with ragnarok and gren maju. If you go second, youll have three other cards in your hand after that. Spellbook of power boosts one of your spellcastertype monsters by attack and allows you to search for another spellbook card when it destroys a monster by battle. Ok well first of all i have a friend that currently has arcanite magician. Arcanite magician assault mode can be a handy replacement for obelisk of you dont want to go through the trouble of getting 3 fodder monsters for obelisk, and you can bring arcanite back after its gone magical blast can be good for burning the opponents life points, and can be reused. When this card is special summoned, place 2 spell counters on this card. If you have arcanite magicianassault mode in your hand and assault mode. Synchro summon arcanite magician, then use its effect to destroy 2 of your opponents cards.

Ally of justice catastor x1 arcanite magician x1 explosive magician x1 stardust dragon x1 tempest magician x1. Best spell counterrelated monster, i dont run 3 only because of the earth attribute. Having paladin in extra deck gives me option to use prisma effect to send dark magician to grave and possibly monster reborn it. Hi guys, i need some help with my spellcaster deck.

I am sure arcanite cannot do that since that is not in his effect. Warrior, however, can also do aggressive decks because of their powerful weapons. Im trying to run only spellcasters in the main deck. This is a post of all of my decks, i will post any deck that i makecreate, onto this topic. Once per turn, during your standby phase, if you have a spellcastertype monster on your side of the field or in your graveyard. Dark end dragon arcanite magician tempest magician you can use this card, and magical exemplar to do great otk for the effect of damage ally of justice catastor constellar ptolemys messier. Hey everyone hopeless here with another deck profile today i will be profiling my deck that focuses on arcanite magician and all of his fun shenanigans. Arcanite was first described in 1845 for an occurrence in old pine railroad ties in the santa ana tin mine, trabuco canyon, santa ana mountains, orange county, california, us. On may 16th of 2015 i was honored to see my book a deck of spells.

Strong engine powered by pot of desires, pot of duality, asymmetaphys, gold sarcophagus, and spellbook. R common card search categories archetypes and series. Now, new players arent really familiar with this deck so ill start by explaing the strategy. Magician s circle x1 mirror force x1 the transmigration prophecy x1 magic cylinder x1 assault mode activate x1 jar of avarice x1 pitchblack power stone x2 call of the haunted. You can return 1 spellbook spell card from your graveyard, except for spellbook tower of prophecy, to the bottom of your deck, then draw 1 card. Here we go, i will explain each post what each and every deck does, they will be in order from az since of course i have to have them az since perfection is beautiful. I have even pulled an otk with this deck with tempest magician since i had so many counters. Throw in backrow control that rivals the harpies, and you got yourself a recipe for success. R f spellbook pendulum magicians for locals so i recently bought three master of pendulum structure decks on a whim, and decided that id try to use their contents in a unique way. He states that every time he or i activate a spell card arcanite magician gains another spell counter.

I went first and had star hall, spellbook library of the crescent, spellbook magician, spellbook of fate and two spellbook of secrets. Xd this deck also thins itself out really quickly through its spells cards which allows for more spell counters and better draws which equals devastating results. Synchro summoning tempest magician or arcanite magician is very easy and the deck can now run super polymerization. Magical exemplar makes special summoning much easier and saves time to synchro summon your key monster, arcanite magician. Supreme arcanite magician x2 scrap dragon x1 black rose dragon x1. Yugioh crmsen021 arcanite magician assault mode ultra rare. Also, the extra deck is only 5 cards so you can add any 9 synchroxyz monsters you want. The spells to add spell counters, spamming breaker and the new defender, the magical knight card, and especially arcanite magician. You can remove 2 spell counters on this card to destroy all cards your opponent controls. As the next deck feature for today we picked the best spellbook deck in competition so far. Use magidog to synchro summon arcanite magician to search out magical citadel of endymion. Similar to the dark magician deck above, the dark magician girl deck focuses on the dark magician girl, while having some focus shared with the dark magician and possibly magician of black chaos. Each time a spellbook spell card is activated, increase this cards level by 2 and atk by 300.

Spellbook of secrets can search out any card from your deck with spellbook in its name, including spellbook magician of prophecy. Dark magician girl benefits from these two being sent to the graveyard, with a 300 atk boost for each of them. I wrote a deck of spells throughout the autumn and winter of 2014 after collecting material on the subject for some time. The opponent cant get momentum and than the spellbook deck goes into a swarm otk. Magician s robe isnt exactly good, and could be cut to 1 or 0. So i took the structure decks and meshed them with a spellbook engine. Based on the prophecy archetype that supports the spellbook cards, with magical exemplar,temperance,high priestess and magician being the most important pieces of the deck. Madosho is an archetype of spell and trap cards that supports spellcaster monsters. Try this deck in our online deck builder im not the best at making decks and im taking suggestions, this deck uses charmers to steel the opponents main monster and use a spellbook engine to draw quickly and is based around supreme arcanite magician.

Add 1 spellbook spell card from your deck to your hand. Duel links spellbook deck, spellbook in the current meta, how to use. Legacy of the duelist on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled the official post you deck topic page 2. Also, spellbook cards from return of the duelist, except spellbook of wisdom, all share the restriction that only 1 copy can be activated per turn.

Fortunately, to make up for it, supreme arcanite can do two things with a spell counter. I have also never otk d with a prophecy deck before today. Arcanite spell counter beat constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. The star halls give the deck the much needed muscle, and combined with the field spell makes your spelltrap lineup a very powerful heavy stormmst deterrent. Theres a shtload of aoe and lots of healing, so your survival should be achievable. Then, use desynchro, and split arcanite magician onto its synchro material monsters. Questa carta guadagna atk per ogni segnalino magia su di essa. This helps for lowering the amount of spell counters needed for an otk. Then you can synchro summon arcanite magician using junk synchron and summoner. Rf arcanite magicianassault mode deck for casual online duels i know the title is pretty obnoxious but i happen to be a big fan of rogue decks. To use arcanite magician and arcanite magician assault mode in a spell counter deck can be tough but the deck is not impossible and makes for an interesting deck type to use. Spellbook of fate spellbook star hall x2 spellbook of life x2 wonder wand x2 the grand spellbook tower x2. Reaper of prophecy spellbook deck recipe february 20 in yugioh deck recipes 3 comments 12,522 views i call it reaper of prophecy spellbook deck, first of all because reaper of prophecy is the main card in the deck, this was revealed by konami recently as support for spellbook, and really worth it. Cette carte gagne points datk pour chaque compteur magie.

First, the three core cards of the deck are summoner monk, xsaber airbellum, and of course rescue cat. This card is not a member of the magician archetype, because its japanese name does not contain. When this card is destroyed, you can special summon 1 arcanite magician from your graveyard. The arabic, croatian, greek, thai and irish names given are not official. It avoids bottomless trap hole because the spell counters that increase its atk are placed after its. This deck is meant to synchro out arcanite magician along wi. Aug 11, 2009 ok well first of all i have a friend that currently has arcanite magician. You can remove 1 spell counter from your field, then target 1 card your opponent controls. Every turn they can easily get 3 spellbooks in their grave to banish with a quickplay. Supreme arcanite magician, only a miracle synchro fusion away.

Adjust the recipe as you see fit but it works well for me. Arcanite cat is a deck that is extremely well known in the tcg and ocg and is also sometimes called cat syncro. Im not the best at making decks and im taking suggestions, this deck uses charmers to steel the opponents main monster and use a. On the other hand, due to prisma effect, i can play dark magic attack to clear the opponent field among other choices. The main win condition is to play uther of the ebon blade as soon as possible while you getting at least 1 coin, either through the burgly bully or by going second. Spellbook magician of prophecy x1 magical plant mandragola x2 apprentice magician x1 apprentice piper x1 effect veiler. The archetype, prior to return of the duelist, had two cards that merely contained spellbook in their names. Yugioh tcg deck arcanite spell counter beat by crashbandicoot. Spellbook magician of prophecy return of the duelist.

With the release of starstrike blast, spell counter decks can now run a synchro fusion named supreme arcanite magician. There will be frequent updates due to the fact it is very. So what makes spell counter decks viable now when it wasnt. This page notes details of hidden spellbook trap cardnormal. You basically need to get your dark magician out from your deck and use your spells and traps. I will reserve posts on here so i can post all of my decks since i believe the attachment limit per post is 3. This card gains atk for every spell counters on this card. Add 1 endymion card from your deck to your hand, then you can count the number of spell power mastery and spell power grasp you control andor have in your gy, and place that. Supreme arcanite magiciancharmer wt spellbook engine. Also, i have never seen a 2600 atk apprentice magician before today. May 29, 20 i made this video to show you how to play with a spell counter deck with focus on the arcanite magician and his assault mode, having many support cards like tempest magician, explosive magician.

Same thing with breaker the magical warrior and defender the magical knight. Two cards destroy two of your opponents cards and you still have a monster on the field. Puoi rimuovere 1 segnalino magia dal tuo terreno, poi scegliere come bersaglio 1 carta controllata dal tuo. As a result, spell counter decks were forced into using nights end sorcerer, a good tuner in its own right, but it falls flat when making the boss of spell counter decks, arcanite magician, since decks would have to run cards to easily get spellcaster nontuners such as oracle of the sun or instant fusion. Arcanite magician deck help i tried constructing a spellcaster based deck and the main objective of this deck is to summon arcanite magician asap so heres the deck list fell free to comment and give suggestions to what to add and remove. Yugioh tcg deck dark magician spellcaster by truewarrior.

Rate my yugioh spellcaster countersynchro deck from 110. Scrap dragon arcanite magician brionac, dragon of the ice barrier fortune lady. Yugioh tcg deck spellcaster synchroxyz by oodmaxoo. Hoodoo playing card magic in rootwork and conjure, published by lucky mojo, premiere at the 8th annual hoodoo heritage festival in forestville, california. Using the spellbook engine, this card can be easily synchro summoned. Supreme arcanite is more or less arcanite magician with more atk and def, but slightly unlike the original arcanite, supreme arcanite can only use its effect once. Then, use desynchro, and split arcanite magician into its synchro material monsters. Hearthstone database, deck builder, news, and more. When this card is normal summoned or flipped faceup. Banishing those spell book cards before they accumulate will slow down achieving the activation of spellbook of fate.

Which is great for arcanite magician and tempest magician. My opponent killed a lot of my cards, but did so at a very high cost. Each time a spellbook spell card is activated, place 1 spell counter on this card. Strength facilitates xyz plays, justice is basically exemplar support, the world and wheel are there to keep the spellbook loop going and silent magician is just good.

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