Possessive apostrophe after s ap style books

Form the possessive of singular nouns and abbreviations by adding an apostrophe and an s. In chicago style, use an apostrophes if singular and just an apostrophe if plural. The chicago manual of style recommends chriss, strausss, inezs, and malrauxs. In the end, the possessive apostrophe s following a sibilant is a matter of personal. If possession is ninetenths of the law, just imagine how important correctly. The logic is that all names should be treated the same. When you are using a common noun ending in s that is possessive, do you use apostrophes or just an apostrophe. According to the ap style book, the one time when you dont add a trailing s is.

We know journalists are busy, and it can be difficult to keep up with recent ap stylebook changes. For an ellipsis, ap calls for three periods, with a space before and after. Classically, it is not correct to just add an apostrophe to a last name that already ends in s if it is singular possessive. It is the indispensable reference for writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, and publishers, informing the editorial canon with sound, definitive advice. I dont care whether its james or john, jones or smith.

Mary norriss thoughts on pesky possessives the new yorker. The associated press stylebook is the goto guide for u. Apostrophes with names ending in s, ch, or z grammar and. My take on the topic appears on page 82 of my book the glamour of grammar. Extra rules and exceptions just make it more confusing. The chicago manual of style online is the venerable, timetested guide to style, usage, and grammar in an accessible online format. Descartes theories, dickens novels, kansas schools.

If the plural form doesnt end in s, use apostrophe s. Every time the associated press stylebook announces a change it provokes. Per apa style, the answer is that the possessive of a singular name is. This rule applies even if the noun or abbreviation ends in s. In ap style, you use a lone apostrophe to make singular nouns and names that end with s possessive, and in chicago style, most of the time you add an apostrophe and an s, with a few rare exceptions. For singular common nouns that end in s, both ap and chicago styles use apostrophes. Add apostrophes if singular, and add an apostrophe if plural. What really matters to my readers is punctuation and ap style. When a singular noun ends in s, you can make is possessive by putting the apostrophe after the s, but you dont have to. In ap style, you use a lone apostrophe to make singular nouns and names that end with s possessive, and in chicago style, most of the time you add an apostrophe. Add apostrophes unless the next word begins with s.

Roy peter clark settles the possessive apostrophe debate. It depends on who you ask, and it depends on the kind of noun in question. There are different apostrophe rules for different styles. A full suite of products to help you stay in style, whether on your desktop.

Names of books, poems, plays, films, and songs should be. Mistaking a stylebook for a rule book baltimore sun. Possessive of proper names ending in s daily writing tips. For both ap and chicago style, if a singular noun does not end in s, add s. To use some examples, the lass s book, the buss timetable, james s homework, kansass statute, and so on.

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