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The high performance software defined radio hpsdr project is an open source. Theoretical analysis of the hpsdr alex power sense circuit. The hermeslite is a lowcost direct downup conversion software defined amateur radio hf transceiver based on a broadband modem chip and the hermes sdr project. My first testing is with a tapr hermes board interfaced to the apache labs anan10 enclosure and 10w amp. The high performance software defined radio hpsdr project is an open source sdr project that aims to create a modular sdr for ham radio use. January 11, 2009 mercury manual added to the website and wiki. The openhpsdr high performance software defined radio project dates from 2005 when phil covington, phil harman, and bill tracey combined their separate projects to form the hpsdr group. See hermeslite2 at main web site softerhardwarehermeslite. High performance software defined radio design group, open source design, uses fpga. If the agc is on, random checked in setupgeneralhpsdr, you can control. This sdr transceiver emulates a hpsdr transceiver similar to hermes with a. Hpsdr high performance software defined radio discussion list about hpsdr. Homebrew software to control multiple hpsdr radios either locally or from a remote location.

Software the anan can run shown above from lefttoright. Following the tradition of the hpsdr naming convention, i thought hermes was appropriate as he was known for his invention and theft. The hermes project uses technology developed in the hpsdr boards but combines them in to two. English usa this listreflector was established to facilitate communication amongst and between persons interested in. Hpsdr excalibur assembly and operation instructions manual 26 pages high performance software defined radio.

The hermes reference oscillator is a small daughter card that plugs onto hpsdr hermes to provide the following functions. Radios and receivers in the context of the metis framework, a radio shaded in magenta below includes an adc. Continuous, uninterrupted, receive coverage from 10khz to 55mhz. Zeus radio hermes, openhpsdr mrx ps, thetis, cusdr, sdr console 3. We will assume you are familiar with the use of your ozy board and janus if. Software hpsdrprogrammers binaries for loading firmware hpdsrprogrammer binaries last updated. The pihpsdr controller is a standalone interface for the ananopenhpsdr hermes sdrs, it is ideal for mobile applications and for users who. Ok, how do i hook my brand new openhpsdr hermesanan to my home. As of 4162018 all the skin and buttonslider packs are compatible with all versions of the openhpsdr mrx ps and thetis software. The following are the results obtained from receiver and transmitter tests. Hermes provides a swing gui to access jms queues and topics for common tasks such as. The 6m160m hpsdr transceiver project begins read 112780 times 0 members and 1 guest are viewing this topic. Hpsdr phoenix is a isdqse receivertransmitter module update 29 march 2010. What significantly eased this situation is the development of the hermes board, which is essentially the entire openhpsdr on a single card, replacing the separate.

These instructions are based upon the following software versions. I used to run hpsdr hermes units on 50 and 432 mhz, but the hermes was. You absolutely do want to use an external coupler with an external. At the end of the installation you are asked if you want to run powersdr software immediately, feel free to do so. High performance software defined radio design group, open source design.

In cooperation with vk6ph and the open source hardware and software project. The hdsdr software doesnt communicate with the sdr hardware directly. Create your free github account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. Atlas production pcb files, rev a tapr build, released under ncl 1. Janus the janus module is a very high performance, dual, full duplex, ad and da converter board. Hermeslite sdr amateur radio pcb set from softerhardware. Hermes ddcduc transceiver abstract openhpsdr hermes is a complex software defined radio sdr, high density single board hf transceiver requiring only an antenna, power supply, and a industry. This page documents what ive learned getting puresignal optimized for my hpsdr station. Homebrew software to control multiple hpsdr radios w3sz. Kicad open source gpl circuit drawingpcb layout software. The openhpsdr project is a modular, open source hardware and software platform for development of all components of a software defined radio. It communicates with the sdr radio hardware through an ext ernal i nput o utput d ynamic l ink l ibrary extiodll file, which is. The hermeslite is a lowcost direct downup conversion software defined amateur radio hf transceiver based on a broadband modem chip and.

This program is used to load fpga firmware on the metis ethernet interface board or hermes board. Users are asking, which receiver we would recommend. Reshaping the reference oscillator signal from hermes to obtain a more solid. Focusing on readytouse sdr hardware for listening with. The installation procedure is the same, but the file locations. It will also program the penelope, pennylane, and mercury. Standalone interface for the ananopen hpsdr hermes sdrs. The answer depends on many factors amongst application, environment, antenna and price. At this point, the project leader will make the block diagram and. Setup instructions for hdsdr software for rx version. The project leader for the hermes module is kevin, mokhz.

The hermeslite is a direct down conversiondirect up conversion amateur radio hf softwaredefined radio transceiver. The following is a block diagram for the hermes project. There is no termination resistor, r2 on hermeslite schematic, between txp and txn. The board id indicates if the metis is a standalone metis board, or part of hermes or angelia. To use penelope, plug it into an atlas bus together with an ozy and optionally a janus board. Tapr will have all openhpsdr boards in stock, in one place, for those wishing to buy.

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